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02.03. Tournament’s T-Shirts Like every year the participants will have the possibility to purchase unique tournament T-Shirt with this year ‘s logo in the front and the listing of all participating clubs on the back. They will be for sale in the tournament centre and limited number of them (and only the blue) also in the playing halls. To ensure that you will receive your T-Shirts directly on arrival and to secure your size, you can pre-order them by contacting the organizer by e-mail. This year´s edition of T-shirts is in blue (size XS - XXL), very limited edition is also in pink colour (only 200 pieces, size XS - XL). The price for T-shirt is 300 CZK or 12 EUR. 01.10. Club Zone In the previous year, when it was launched a new website, each club was set up access to it´s „club zone“. Similarly, this will also be the case of registered clubs for 2015. The Club Zone is a virtual space in which the contact person can check the entered data in the application and to a certain date (usually in mid-February) can them also freely edit. Entry to the Club Zone is possible on the base of the original username (e-mail) and password, that the user automatically receives by the e-mail specified in the application. 01.10. Registration of referees Along with Club registration is from October 1st also open the Registration for referees. After double-click Registration of referees will open a form which is necessary to complete and send. Please note that every (!) referee must have completed their own application. It is not enough that the name of the referee is mentioned in the application of his colleague. Referees can register until 31st January 2015. 01.10. Club Registration The Club Registration is accessible from October 1st, 2014. After double-click on it will open a two-page form. On the first page, fill in all the necessary information about the club and the contact person. On the second page, then select the appropriate category of your team (or teams) and the desired type of accommodation. If you still do not have the current price list for the 2015 tournament and want to send it, please contact us at phc@phc.cz. The Club Registration is possible till the end of January 2015. Please note that only registration on www.phc.cz is original and ensures direct contact with the organizer of the tournament.