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21.03. Prague Sights When you're enjoying your free time in Prague, remember that there are plenty of sights that are definitely worth a visit. And because we wanted you to enjoy it, you have to a large selection of monuments due to your Activity card free entry! And there's plenty to choose from: • Hlavní budova muzea (The Main building of Museum) http://en.muzeumprahy.cz/719-hlavni-budova-muzea/ • Podskalská celnice na Výtoni, (The Podskalí Custom House at Výtoň) http://www.muzeumprahy.cz/podskalska-celnice-na-vytoni/ • Petřínská rozhledna (The Petřín Observation Tower) http://www.petrinska-rozhledna.cz/ • Bludiště na Petříně (The Mirror Maze on Petřín Hill) http://www.petrinska-rozhledna.cz/zrcadlove-bludiste.php • Prašná brána (The Powder Tower) http://www.muzeumprahy.cz/prasna-brana/ • Staroměstská mostecká věž (The Old Town Bridge Tower) http://www.muzeumprahy.cz/staromestska-mostecka-vez/ • Svatomikulášská městská zvonice (The Town Belfry of St. Nicholas´Church) http://en.muzeumprahy.cz/svatomikulasska-mestska-zvonice/ • Malostranská mostecká věž (The Lesser Town Bridge Tower) http://en.muzeumprahy.cz/malostranska-mostecka-vez/ In our links you will find everything you need, just choose. We hope you enjoy the tournament and visit Prague ! 14.03. Acompanying programme For this year's Prague Handball Cup we have prepared a lot of news! One of them is a program that you enjoy right away for three days. And better places in which you are welcome. Unlike previous years, this year we move to the Harfa Gallery , which you visited during your arrivals last year. And do not be afraid of change, we will explain everything to you in a timely manner. And we believe that the changes are for the better! All of this begins on Friday in the so-called WARM UP party! On Saturday we continue with REMIX party and on Sunday you can enjoy AFTER party. And because we will reveal everything little by little, so you can always look forward to something, now we can say only this - we will dance, sing, make pictures, compete and give a lot of gifts. Follow our facebook and websites and you will not miss anything! 03.11. Result service We are also putting together for you a new, more comfortable and faster way to access game results. It will be based on a different technology which allows you to find out the game results shortly after its termination but also during the match. 01.11. Club Zone One of the main innovations for the coming year is the Club Zone. The Club Zone is a virtual space where all registered clubs can access their filled in application forms for the tournament and are able to amend them according to their needs until the 15th of February 2014. The Club Zone will be put into operation simultaneously with the launch of the On-line registration for clubs; new modules will be gradually added. Logging into the Club Zone will be possible through unique user name and password obtained through e-mail.